Group Meditations

There are many benefits to meditating with others. Meditation generates inner peace and the ability to connect with yourself at a deeper level.  It is possible to powerfully influence one another while sitting next to each other in a community setting. Some people prefer to meditate in a group, some people enjoy individual guided meditations more.

We organize group meditations in different group sizes starting from 2 to more than 100 people. We can organize regular meditation practices in your workspace or make your event different from others. The location can be at our studio or at your space.

For events we offer meditation basics session (1h or 30min) “Introduction to Meditation to music by Aktavio Lioss”. All the participants will receive simple and effective techniques for calming down their mind on a daily basis.

Add an Aktavio Lioss music meditation to your event and everybody will be more relaxed and mindful!

Lectures and Workshops

These lectures and workshops are for you if you are looking for a way to understand yourself and are willing to get to know the invisible world of energies through which we create our lives. They are for everyone who wants to reveal the secret of luck and a radiant smile.


There are many different workshops available online or in person or for events:

  • “Balance your chakras” (7 lesson series) Find out how your energetic system works, how you can renew it on a daily basis. Each chakra has a different meaning in your life.

The 1st Chakra. The energy of relationships and money.

The 2nd Chakra. How do we shape our lives? The true goals.

The 3rd Chakra. The Joy of life – mistakes and harmony.

The 4th Chakra. Love – embrace it!

The 5th Chakra. Creativity and communication. The power of Words.

The 6th Chakra. Listening to the subconscious. Intuition.
The 7th Chakra. Living and interacting with the higher energies.


  • “How Do I Create My Life?” (4 lesson series) Core knowledge for understanding yourself and your life, for development and positive changes.

1. “Basic human structures. Regularities of cause and effect”

2. “Your inner strength - the life energy and peace of mind”

3. “The power of forgiveness. How to forgive truly, not with the mind”

4. “Creating positivity – significance of targets and gratitude”


  • "Open your heart to love yourself" Workshop

Everything that happens in our lives (our relationship, health, work, money, intimate life etc.) is only the reflection of our attitude towards ourselves. The more love we have for ourselves, the more harmony we have in our lives. The more internal aggression we have against ourselves, the more complicated our lives are. The most pleasant moments of our life are those when we are successful and live in love!


  • For a Clear Vision of Life and Positive Changes (5 lesson series)

The physical and material world is closely related to the human energy world. By learning the structure of the Universe and the human soul, body and mind, the processes of life, regularities and interactions, you will have an opportunity to understand, change and improve the inner well-being and the entire life!

1. “Human Structures & Basic Energetic Structures. Energies”

2. “The laws of God. Love and Sins. Causes and Effects”

3. “Formation of Consciousness. Awareness. Thought Mixer”

4. “Transformation. Alchemy of Senses. Conversations with God”

5. “Creating. Positive Thought patterns. Goals”


Your benefits from each workshop:

  • Knowledge about human energetics and regularities of life.

  • Practical consciousness and energy development training – techniques and meditations to be used on a daily basis.

  • Graphic demonstrations of energy interactions.

  • Real-life examples.

  • Soul harmony therapy – meditation with Aktavio Lioss™ music.

  • Questions and answers.


There are many different ways how we can organize a workshop for your event, depending on your needs, audience and budget.

Aura Photo in Events


Aura photographers will come to your home, office or event and provide aura photographies and an interpretive reading. We are experts at providing aura photographies and readings at all types of events, small and large. Book us for corporate events, conferences, parties, birthdays, meetings, weddings, or any form of gathering.

Aura photography process is fun, unusual and insightful. Clients, staff, and guests will talk about their aura reading for months to come!

Participants receive a personalised colour print of their aura photo with a description of the meaning of the aura colour. Your client’s company name or the sponsor logo can appear on the printout at your request.

Create an unforgettable event by offering your guests a unique, remarkable, and life-transforming experience. We are the hit of every event!

Music and nature videos for events, products or movies

Aktavio Lioss creates music in unity with nature, Universe and energies of success. His harmonious music has a positive, quick and powerful impact on the mind, Soul and physical body.

We can provide this powerful music for your event or compose it especially for your needs. This music has no analogues as it is created in the powerful energies of love to help a person to develop and heal their Soul.


There are original relaxation nature videos available. Those are filmed, recorded, composed and processed exceptionally  by Aktavio Lioss . He does it all, so no other energies influence his artworks and the viewer can experience true inner transformation.


Contact us if your project, event or product is in need for powerful music, nature sounds and videos!

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