Energetic Coaching (Individual Sessions, Deep Energy Work)

Receive guidance and personal advice to solve your topical life questions and reach your goals. Knowledge about energies. Consciousness training. Subconscious journeys. Harmonization of energy flows and chakras. Energetic gymnastics. Working out karmic structures. Meditations.


Aktavio Lioss' “Soul Harmony Therapy” is based on a unique knowledge of Universal energies, human energies and his powerful music and video created in subtle vibrations – energy of Love.

I study, practice, and teach these methods since 2010 through individual consultations, meditations as well as workshops and aura photography. “Soul Harmony Therapy” has helped me and many clients to understand, accept, forgive and love myself and create a more interesting, harmonious, healthy and successful life in all the aspects.


Nothing happens by accident in our lives. Every person, event or circumstance is a logical outcome – created by us, and therein lies the life's lesson – learn to love yourself, the other people and the world around you. The physical and material world is closely related to the human energy world. By learning the structure of the Universe and human soul, body and mind, processes of life, regularities and interactions, you will have an opportunity to understand, change and improve the inner well-being and the entire life!


Every coaching session is individual and at first we discuss the goals of our cooperation. Depending of your previous experience and energetic openness, we will find the best instruments for you to reach your goals. For short term changes it can be as quick as one hour session, for more complicated situations it can take years to create changes.  To reach the goal you should find  time for daily practices and meditations.

I'm looking forward to meeting new people that are interested in positively changing their lives!

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