In an aura photo session you will receive a full body aura and chakra image and description of up to 20 pages of your personality by email. It shows the aura colours and the chakra activity that determines your qualities, career opportunities, and relationship with the opposite sex, intuition, energy levels and other relevant information.

You will receive an aura and chakra reading by Ilze which will let you find out unique information about the work of your energetics, especially paying attention to chakras with low energy. For example, if you have problems with the first chakra (money, sex, relationship), you will receive daily advice and a practical technique which will help yout to to harmonize it. You will receive recommendations about the best Aktavio Lioss music for you to harmonize your aura and chakras.


Everyone has a basic aura colour that represents a person’s character. The basic aura colour is in the centre of your picture. There are 12 basic aura colours. Starting from deep red to lavender and white. The people that are in red spectrum are more down to earth. They are real and practical with material values like wealth, career, stability, professional development. But the people that are in lavender and white colours are more with Universal and emotional values – inner harmony, peace, love, support, kindness.

You can have many different colours and that means that you have some character signs from all of these colours. There are no good or bad colours – each personality has their strengths and weaknesses.

The basic colour that is in the middle can change according to the thoughts and emotions a person is experiencing. That change mainly depends on the personality type. For example, there are people that have taken regular aura pictures for 10 years already and they have very little changes in the colour because they are not very emotional, live the same lifestyle, go to the same job, and think the same thoughts.

But there are people who can change their aura colours after a little mindfulness practice or after a conversation with a stressful or joyful person.


Aura photography can be used at home parties, seminars, meetings, bookstores, corporate events or shows. Aura photographers will come to your home, office or event and provide aura photographies and an interpretive reading. It is fun and unusual and it will make people remember this occasion! We can travel and offer this service all around Europe.


Aura photography is an opportunity to see your personal aura and chakras using interactive multimedia biofeedback AVS 5.1 System. It gives you an awareness about your strengths and weaknesses and motivates you to improve the quality of your life. 

What is an aura? It is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body and every organism in the Universe.

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