The word “meditation” comes from the Latin “meditatio” and it means “to think or to contemplate.” It’s an ancient practice that allows you to take a pause from your busy life to calm down your mind and body.

Relax, purify and harmonize your mind, body and soul in meditation with Aktavio Lioss powerful music and videos. Switch off your mind, calm down, feel yourself and positive emotions – acceptance, harmony and love. Rejuvenate and balance your energy.


Different meditation options are available (Skype or in person):

  1. Relaxation Meditation

Have you ever experienced moments in your life when nothing seems to go the way you want; however,you  manage to let it go somehow. And as soon as you set yourself free, a solution comes!

This is how the miracle of deep, relaxed meditation works - you consciously and effectively learn to free your mind, Soul, and body, thus, opening the inner space for your energies to circulate. As the result, the free energy flow brings you a solution. 

The benefits of relaxation are life changing:

* stress and tiredness relief

* strengthening of immune system
* energy boost (life energy activation)

We can direct the accumulated life energy to reaching our goals in the area of health, relationship, business, money etc.

Experience and learn this simple, but unique Aktavio Lioss™ deep relaxation meditation accompanied by his powerful music created in the energy of Love. 

This is a meditation every mum could  teach to her children for their physical and mental well being. 

2. Smile Meditation

Allow yourself to experience previously unknown feelings and senses in the smile meditation accompanied by harmonious music! Come closer to your inner self and the Divine!
Even if you think that it is impossible to stop your daily rush, try this unique instrument in self-development!

The smile meditation to  harmonious music will help you:
*To improve your well-being,

*To renew joy of living,

*To rest and relax,

*To fill yourself with energy,

*To come to inner harmony and balance,

*To activate and renew life, creative, spiritual and sexual energies.

Whenever you feel sad, lonely, want to relax or just to feel positive emotions, help yourself with this unique and simple technique.

The experienced meditation you will be able learn and practice at home. The smile meditation is accompanied by Aktavio Lioss harmonious music that is created from the state of connection to Nature, Universe and energies of success and helps to purify and balance the mind, body and Soul.


More about Smile meditation

To love and to be loved – is the main task of every human being in life. We can feel love in meditations. The energy of love heals and strengthens to move forward in life.


There are various ways of meditations. Experience and learn a highly effective meditation called the smile meditation to harmonious music created by the author Aktavio Lioss.

Allow yourself experience previously unknown feelings and senses! Come closer to your inner self and the Divine!

Even if you think that it is impossible to stop your daily rush, try this unique instrument in self-development – the smile meditation accompanied by harmonious music.


The smile meditation will help you:

To improve your well-being,

To renew joy of living,

To rest and relax,

To fill yourself with energy,

To come to inner harmony and balance,

To activate and renew life, creative, spiritual and sexual energies.


Your smile, kindness and will + Aktavio Lioss™ music = development, positive future changes andLove!


Process of Smile Meditation


You are sitting comfortably. The meditation coach is leading you in your subconscious mind by helping you to switch off your mind from the daily rush, running thoughts,  issues, and work. Instead your attention is directed towards your body and its parts. Your mind is focusing on yourself, your body and the Soul. Your attention is turning away from your daily life and is focusing on your energies.


All the events happening in your life begin in your energy world. Therefore it is possible to change everything. It is necessary to make changes in your energies and as the result you will have positive changes in your life's circumstances, events, well-being, attitude, health and relationships.

In the meditation process, you are led into harmonious energy flows which will clean and transform your inner energies into love.


Then your consciousness is guided to your smile. Not every human being is able to smile truly and warmly towards themselves. We have to learn it -  simply to smile at ourselves, at our life! Then gradually you will learn to create smile in your face, in your head and you will also smile with your chest, heart, liver and stomach. Until your whole being becomes one big smile – smiling to yourself, the Universe and Love!

For a deeper meditation effect Aktavio Lioss music or nature sounds are played. These music sounds are used to purify and change human structures on a deeper level and to strengthen the positive result of the meditation.

Then there is a gratitude for the process, for the possibilities, for the changes and for the Divine love!

At the end you are led out of the subconscious. You start to feel yourself here and now in this present moment and space. Gradually you come back and feel the connection to the real physical world.


The positive changes from the smile meditation will bring improvement to all the spheres of your life. It depends on you how will you use this energy and how much you will work on improving your life every day.

I wish everyone of you to succeed in loving yourself, loving this world and other people in this Universe because we are all interconnected and live in a world of cause and effect regularities!

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