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Aktavio Lioss Soul Harmony Therapy offered by Ilze Svētiņa:


All paths to happiness, success, wealth, health, welfare and love begin within ourselves. And they all begin with the first step. Aktavio Lioss Soul Harmony Therapy is an inspiration and possibility to take this first step – to look into the invisible world through which we all create our own realities, to discover the secret of success and radiant smiles, to learn to create harmony, light and Love within yourself. 

Aktavio Lioss knowledge is based on understanding  the subtle world of energies and  the rules of the Universe. The Soul is the world of feelings that guides and shapes our life. The more your Soul is filled with Love, the more abilities and knowledge you get, that eventually leads to more a successful and exciting life.


Aktavio Lioss Soul Harmony Therapy's coach will help you to get closer to the subtle Universal energies that free the human Soul, help to keep the harmony of the Spirit and heal the physical body so that you can truly enjoy the ultimate sense of freedom.


Soul harmony therapy energetic coach and aura photographer Ilze Svetina.

Since 2010 Ilze is a teacher of Aktavio Lioss™ meditations, teaching consciousness training and subconscious journeys, and has been doing aura photography with Aura Video Station 5.1. system. She is studying Aktavio Lioss knowledge and has developed a vision to see auras by herself. In her work she combines the technology with knowledge to help people to create harmony between the spiritual and the material world and live a more mindful lives. Ilze delivers knowledge to people through one-to-one sessions and seminars, leads meditations and relaxation sessions with Aktavio Lioss™ transformative music and videos, she works individually and in groups also through Skype. Her main purpose is to give people a stimulus to develop themselves, to find new possibilities and uncover their potential for a successful, harmonious and fulfilled life.

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