Question: I’m at a maternity home, and there are complications. My baby is lazy and after contractions all night long does not want to “get out”. The midwife is worried. What should I do?

Our answer: the baby is not “coming out”, so that the mother can have him inside to take care of. The mother wishes this baby more than anything else in this world. But this baby has his own life, his own Universal plans. If the mother wants to have this baby for herself – there is sticking between the Souls. And then the universe will disconnect it with pain. If the mother wants little pain at labour, she should let go her kid and trust the Universe.

  • It's recommended to listen to the album “Light”.

  • Repeat the mantra and prayer specially created for this person and situation.

Mum’s gratitude: I want to say thank you for your support. This was a real lesson. Now, when I have my energy back, I see that my prayers are heard – my baby boy is healthy and we both are in harmony. I’m telling him everything and asking him for forgiveness. I’m grateful. I’ve learnt a lot from my mistake with this super strong attachment.

Question: My child is 3 years old and he is biting his nails. Lately he has started to tear his nails with his other hand. A couple of months ago we started to take him to the kindergarten twice a week. Can it be the cause of these changes? Why does my child bite his nails? What should I do to change it?

Our answer: Nails are given to us to protect ourselves. The child gnaws his nails (his protection) by himself to show you that he is totally unprotected. He does it because he wants the parents to see that he is powerless over the adult authority, domination and views. It doesn’t matter if the parents show these emotions outside or keep them inside. The child’s behavior shows that parents make mistakes in their actions and attitude. Also over-care, support and pampering the child suppress the their inner world – the Soul. With this over-active support, where everything is done instead of the child, the parents start to live the kid's life and take away all his energy. And the child starts to misbehave because he wants to get out of it.

The parents should work on themselves. They should look deeper and find in themselves the principles, views and requirements that do not allow themselves and their child to live life happily, lovingly and freely. There is a lot of work to do to create positive emotions, attitudes and the acceptance of life. And when the parents will start to change their energetics, that will influence the child's health, attitude and life in general. In your particular situation, it is very important for the father to get involved and change his attitude.

  • It is recommended for the parents and the child to listen regularly to the music from the album “Nature’s Touch”, entrusting the child's life's processes to the Universe and letting the child be himself. Not the one that parents wish him to be. Those are programs from the society and generations that we can change while working on ourselves on a deep level. The child has his own way and lessons to learn in life. The parents should let him go. But at the same time the parents cannot be permissive because that is not love either.

  • There was a special daily technique and prayer created for this family and situation.

Mum's gratitude: Miracles, thank you, I can say that nail gnawing finished quite quickly. I was working with myself with the prayer that you sent me and letting go. We were listening to the music from the album “Natures Touch” and also the video meditation “Colour Moments”, that I had previously bought, my child really likes it. In my feelings I start to feel lightness, also in my reactions if he is doing something wrong. I start to accept more, that he has his own life lessons and we have to learn how to cooperate without commanding and domination. I feel satisfaction that I have become a more loving mum, but, of course, I have to learn every day, because challenges are around every corner.

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