A video meditation is a very powerful tool for fast self–development. The nature views, colours and the special music on the video bring you in your subconscious world and positively transform   your Soul structures, freeing you from the accumulated negative energies of the past. Thus, the circulation of energy is renewed, you are able to remove your energy blocks and improve your life conditions, reach targets and become more positive, balanced, healthy, and successful.

The videos are made with a purpose to let people interact with them and become more positive, harmonious, balanced and successful.

 They can be purchased electronically so that you can watch them in the most convenient environment. You are also kindly welcome to experience this video meditation in our studio where the meditation facilitator will help you to free your mind, awareness, physical tension and will guide you into a deeper meditation process. 

The human mind is constantly evaluating, comparing, criticising, judging and activating negative thoughts, emotions and habits. Once these negative emotions are accumulated, one starts losing the joy of life, love, intuition, faith and understanding of the purpose and objectives of life, which causes health problems, struggling relationships and other challenges in life. People become incapable of achieving their goals.

Thanks to the deep knowledge of human energies, Aktavio Lioss creates unique instruments for human development. It is an opportunity to make positive changes within oneself and improve the quality of life.

The videos have been produced through the energies of the Universe, nature and success. You can feel, hear and see the colours, shapes and sounds of the nature. Watching a video helps to remove negative thoughts, emotions and habits from your mind, body and Soul. Instead you are filled with harmonious energies and start feeling deep relaxation, inner balance and restoration of energy.

When you watch the video many times and deliberately nurture the right thoughts and feelings, you can transform your perception of life, values, thinking, attitude in a positive way and successfully achieve your goals in life. Clear mind, positive thinking and harmonious Soul are the main pillars for creating a successful life.


Video meditation in studio

Try our meditation with Aktavio Lioss™ video to experience deep relaxation, harmony and success in life. During the video meditation you will be able to feel more intense positive impact and power of this video. The process is set up as a 60-minute guided meditation. The meditation facilitator will help you to free your mind from daily worries, duties, problems, and to feel yourself and the subtle world. You will get in touch with your own Soul and will learn to live with respect, gratitude and love. Such experience will enhance positive, harmonious and successful personality and living on a daily basis.

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